Erin O'Brien

Creative Technologist. Themed Entertainment Enthusiast. Lifelong Irish Dancer. Weekend Ina Garten.

Life is an experience - create it.



It is my belief that the experience of life is best when you have a hand in its creation.

My arrival at this notion, however, did not come about by my own creative hand. It was in Colonial Williamsburg, as a “George Washington” weaved together a story of his life and the revolution around him. It was in Walt Disney World, as Illuminations aligned with my own coming of age, showing me the human experience was divine in its universality. It was in the theater for Finding Nemo, as a child who had never been under the water out of fear, finally able to experience the magical sensations of the ocean.

My personal life experience has been enhanced and illuminated by the creations of others. As we say in Irish Dance, I am ready to join the dance at the crossroads, to create my experience in fellowship with others.

I am ready to contribute my skills in:

  • Computer Graphics Programming

  • Interactive Media Creation

  • Software Development Life Cycle Management


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